eco friendly product and made in America

Niles, Michigan 49120

Our Original Cupcaketree cupcake stand has become the display of choice when planning a wedding reception or festive gathering. Constructed of sturdy ¼” food-grade corrugated cardboard, it is reusable, recyclable and lightweight for shipping. Our product is made in the USA.

The idea for the Original Cupcaketree emerged when Meg Truesdell, co-owner of the company, was planning her wedding. “Meg wanted to serve individual cupcakes at her wedding because they were fun, inexpensive and easy. The trick was to make them look elegant enough for a wedding reception,” says Meg’s mom and business partner, Judy Truesdell. The concept became a family affair when Meg’s dad, a designer, came up with the unique design for the cupcake stand. “It was an immediate hit,” said Meg. Recently, has introduced Mini Cupcaketrees, Square Cupcaketrees and Petite Cupcaketrees and our new Party in a Box Cupcaketree Kit. Our exciting new Vine Wrappers are a beautiful addition to our original large round Cupcaketree.

With the emergence of the green wedding movement, brides are using “mindful indulgence” as a guide for planning their weddings. Concerned with the waste created by more traditional weddings, these brides are pursuing eco-friendly products to incorporate into their weddings., a Michigan-based company, made a business decision early on to use corrugated cardboard for environmental purposes. “We knew the corrugated industry insisted on reforestation and recycling in order to be environmentally responsible,” says Judy Truesdell. And an added benefit is the stand’s light weight, which helps keep delivery costs down.