Step by Step decorating tips for your Cupcaketrees

Decorating is easy and fun. Let your creative mind loose!

Covering disks with paper and gluing ribbon

Cupcaketree Measurements

Large Cupcaketree: 10” 16” 22” 28” 34” 20” tall
4” between each tier
Mini Cupcaketree: 8” 11” 14” 17” 20” 15” tall
3” between each tier
Petite Cupcaketree: 8” 11” 14” 10” tall
3” between each tier

Ribbon Guidelines (tiers/tiers + uprights)

Large Round: 10 yards/ 13 yards
Large Square: 13 yards/ 16 yards
Mini Round: 7 yards/ 9 yards
Mini Square: 8 yards/ 10 yards
Petite Round: 3 yards/ 4 yards
Petite Square: 4 yards/ 5 yards

Step 1:

Cut out a circle approximately 2” wider than the disk. (Use a pencil to “trace” a guideline before cutting.)

Step 2:

Place disk (bottom side up) on the circle cut out (also bottom side up) and make a cut every inch or so around the disk.

Step 3:

One by one fold over each tab and tape onto the bottom of the disk.

Step 4:

Using an exacto-knife or scissor make an incision through the paper at the location of each slot on the covered disk.

Step 5:

It’s time to decorate! Adorn the sides of the disk with ribbon using a glue gun. When each disk had been decorated assemble the tree using the instructions here.

Step 6:

Add cupcakes and any additional decoration for a beautiful Cupcaketree!

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