Large Square Cupcaketree

our large square cupcaketree cupcake stand is perfect for weddings. it comes with 5 tiers and holds up to 300 standard sized cupcakes, or 450 mini cupcakes
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      Our Large Square Cupcaketree is a versatile and affordable alternative to traditional bakery displays. Perfect for larger events such as Weddings, this corrugated cardboard cupcake stand comes with 5 tiers and holds up to 300 standard sized cupcakes or up to 450 mini cupcakes. The top tier is 10" in diameter and can hold a large cake.

      Size: 21" high - 34" wide (4" between tiers) Cupcakes: 150 - 300 or up to 450 mini cupcakes (200 with bottom tier removed) Tiers from top to bottom: 10", 16”, 22”, 28” and 34”

      High quality enamel spray paint is not only a great way to personalize your Cupcaketree but it is key for reuse! A few light coats will keep oil from soaking into the paper and make frosting cleanup a cinch!

      13 yards of ¼”- 3/8” ribbon will cover the edge of all five tiers. To cover the uprights you will need an additional 3 yards or our New Endcaps!

      All of our cupcake stands are sturdy and reusable.