How to decorate your cupcake tree cupcake stand

Cupcake tree decorating ideas, tips, hints and secrets to make your cupcake stand the hit of your next event!
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      Give your party a desert table worth celebrating on its own! Here are some of our favorite tips for different events.

      DIY Cupcake Stand for Weddings

      Start with any of our round or square cupcake stands, and use double sided tape or a glue gun to adorn the edges of the Cupcake tree with...
 Paper doilies, lemon leaves, ribbon, silk flowers.
Add color between cupcakes with...
 Strawberries, fresh flowers in floral tubes, silk flowers, seashells, chocolates.

      Christmas and New Year's

      Try plaid ribbon along the edges with a vase of white tulips and red roses on top.
Decorate edges with silver and gold star garland and top with a matching wrapped gift or tinsel surrounding a bottle of champagne.

      Kid's Parties

String candy necklaces around the edges and glue candy rings and suckers every few inches.
Top with a jar of jelly beans. Affix crayons to the edges and place a drawing by the birthday boy or girl on top.

      Birthdays and Tea Parties

      Drape edges with vintage hankies and top with a potted miniature rose plant.
Run colorful bric-a-brac along the edges and top with a balloon bouquet.

      Baby Showers

      Trim edges with pink or blue gingham ribbon, hot-gluing baby rattles or diaper pins every few inches. Top with a pastel teddy bear. Alternate the cupcakes with wooden alphabet blocks and top with a toy sailboat.

      Bridal Showers and Anniversaries

Glue silk daisies along the edges and top with an arrangement of fresh daisies.
For a personal shower, decorate edges with white lace and top with a marabou slipper.